Volunteer/Chaperone/Visitor Information

Explanation of Visitors/Volunteers/Chaperones

Visitor:  A person who visits school on occasion.(Example: Field Day, 100 day, Science day, etc)

NO Does not need to fill out an Application Form.

Chaperone: Parent, guardian or family member who chaperones a field trip but will NOT volunteer with students in any other capacity:

YES needs to fill a Field Trip Chaperone Application Form & Confidentiality Agreement



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Volunteer: A person who donates his/her time on an ongoing basis. (Example: Friday Folders, helps in classroom, etc)

YES needs to fill a Volunteer Application Form & Confidentiality Agreement



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  • ALL those who would like to volunteer on an on going basis need to complete an online training. He/she will get an email with the training link which is to be completed within 30 days. (Spanish training is available).
  • Parent/guardian applications are valid for the time period that the student is at school. (Fill it out in K, good until 5th grade)
  • Volunteers & Chaperones MUST sign the Confidentiality Agreement yearly.
  • Volunteers & Chaperones MUST have emergency contact information submitted (In case of an Emergency)


  • Write your grade on the top of each Form you submit. Example K, 4, etc…
  • I will share a Google Sheet with you all, organized by grades. If you don’t see a particular parent that you know submitted the Application Form, that might be because it is incomplete. I will leave those Applications with JaLane.
  • Please allow a week for me to screen and enter the chaperones/volunteers information.
  • Lastly, be considerate and check the applications before you submit them for missing/incorrect information!
  • NO last minute forms PLEASE! If you know your grade has a field trip, start recruiting chaperones ASAP!