School Safety

Safety to and from School

The staff at Key is concerned for the safety and well being of children from the time they leave home until they arrive home at the end of the school day.  If your child has any kind of problem going to or from school, please let the school office know.

Students who walk to and from school should walk with a parent or adult, stay on the sidewalks, and observe street crossing signs and crosswalk markings.  They must respect the property of others.  Bus riders should follow the procedures outlined in the information under Bus Transportation.  Unless they are having school breakfast or are in Extended Day, children should arrive at school no earlier than 20 minutes before start time and depart promptly when school is dismissed.

We encourage all families who are not using Extended Day to have their children ride the bus. The playground belongs to Extended Day until 6:00pm daily.  No children should be on the playground unless they are in Extended Day or have an adult supervising them while they play for a few minutes after school.

Safety Patrols

Selected 4th and 5th grade students serve under the direction of a staff advisor.  Their responsibility is to help safeguard our children on their way to and from school.  Students must obey the safety directions of our school patrols.