Drop Off

During school hours, there is NO parent parking permitted in the Key parking lot, even in the spots marked “VISITOR”.


Pick up / Drop off Procedures

If your children ride the bus to school, watch for a separate mailing from the Transportation Department with information about bus routes and timing. The Transportation Department can be reached at (703) 228-6640. Kindergarten bus riders will be met by their teachers at their buses, so please seat them in the front of the bus. There will be safety patrols and staff members available at school to direct other students to their classrooms if they need help.
If you drive your children to school and would like to escort them inside, be sure to allow extra time for street parking. Please pay careful attention to “no parking” signs, crossing guards and police officers. The area around the school will be very busy and congested on the first day. Driving visibility can be limited due to buses pulling in and out, so please drive slowly and carefully! Please refer to the section on Drop Off and Pick Up to familiarize yourself with the procedures.
If your children walk to school, you may escort them inside if you would like to. Be sure to use the crosswalks and pay careful attention to the crossing guards and police officers; remind your children of this if you will not be with them.

Before and After School Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Car Riders and Walkers:
Morning Drop off on Key Boulevard between 8:30 and 8:50.

Students will be able to enjoy morning recess from 8:30am-8:45am every morning, unless there is inclement weather when they will report to the gym. Any student that arrives after 8:45am via bus or car rider/walker will go straight to class. For parents of walkers, please drop your child off at the playground at 8:30am. We have staff on duty beginning at 8:30am. Parents should not enter the building through any other door than the main entrance door and signing in as a visitor. If your child is lined up with their teacher, please do not enter the building with the class. Any student coming into the building after 8:45am, will need to be brought in through the main entrance. We appreciate your continued support in keeping our students safe.

Afternoon  Pick up on Key Blvd. 

Please do not park in parking lot to pick up your child. If you will wait in your car, the children will be brought to you at the end of the day.

If you live in the neighborhood and walk to Key to accompany your child home, please pick up outside door 5.
Bus Riders:

Morning Buses will arrive and take the lane by the entrance to Key and discharge students so they may walk to the back of the building and enter through the gym doors and line up by class to await for teacher pick up. Buses always have the right of way in the parking lot!  After 8:50 a.m. children will enter the school through the main entrance and go directly to class.

Buses will line up in the parking lot and pick up the children to the evening run home.  Children will be escorted to the gym and will line up according to the bus they will ride home.  There are signs posted on the gym walls.  Patrols write the bus order on the white boards and the children are dismissed to the buses in order of their arrival (and departure).

No car should be in the parking lot at this time.  No car should ever pass a bus in the parking lot. 

Adams Street

Key is bounded by Veitch Street on the east the entrance to the parking lot, Key Boulevard on the north along the soccer field and play ground and Adams Street on the West in the back of the school.  Adams is two-way, but has a “DO NOT ENTER” sign at the end to prevent cars from entering Adams Street from Custis Street.  There is a “DO NOT ENTER” sign posted at the exit to the Key School parking lot in the back of the school.  We ask that cars not park or use Adams Street for drop off or pick up.  It becomes very congested and is a very dangerous area, with cars doing three-point turns and turning around in the exit, and with cars entering Adams illegally from Custis.  Please avoid Adams street and follow the ‘Drop off, Pick Up requests” listed above.

Parking at Key

The parking situation at Key is somewhat different than at most other schools in Arlington. The school lot is small relative to the size of the school population and street parking is scarce. The dearth of parking is an unavoidable challenge that accompanies the many benefits of our school being located in a truly urban area. (Try getting to McKinley via Metro! No Five Guys and a flick within walking distance of Nottingham!)

During school hours, there is NO parent parking permitted in the Key parking lot, even in the spots marked “VISITOR”.

Every spot in the school’s lot is used by a teacher or staff member. As far as street parking, you are likeliest to find a spot along Veitch Street. Should you park along Veitch, do be sure to pay the appropriate fee using the kiosks in the middle of each block. Arlington police are known to ticket. The Courthouse area also offers a number of other parking options within a short walk of Key. The map below highlights these. The map can also be viewed, printed, and downloaded at:  http://g.co/maps/w9834.

parking at key