Weather and Closings Bad / Inclement Weather

Listen to cable TV channels 30 and 32 before school starts, or a news radio station for information about school closures. You can call the Inclement weather and Snow line at 703-228-8638 for the latest information on delays and closings.  Dr. Myers will also update the hotline 703-228-4212, as soon as information is available. The decision to delay opening or to close school altogether is made by 6:00 am.

Snow and Hazardous Weather

In case of snow, ice or other dangerous conditions, Arlington Public Schools officials may decide to change the usual school hours.  The easiest way to find out about these changes is to call either the Key Parent Information Line (703) 228-4212, or the Arlington Public Schools inclement weather line (703) 228-8638.  You may also listen to local radio or television stations.  Usually the decision to close schools or to change school opening hours will be made by 6 AM.  Please do not call the school or the transportation office.  When possible Ms. Myers will post a message to the Key-PTA listserv.

The following is a summary of procedures followed during hazardous conditions:

Closing of Schools When Schools Remain Closed for Entire Day

Decisions to close schools are made by 6:00 a.m. of that day
All local TV and radio channels will carry the information you may check with the Key School Hotline 703-228-4212 or the APS School Talk on the Arlington Web page.

  • All school activities will be canceled.
  • Extended Day sessions will be canceled.
  • All evening events are canceled.
  • Delayed Opening (normally 1-2 hours)

All field trips for the day will be canceled. If it falls on an Early Release Wednesday, the students will stay until the normal regular non-early release time (3:41pm). Extended Day sessions will start one or two hours later as well.
Early Dismissal When Schools Close Early

The announcement will normally be made by 11:00 AM. Your child’s teacher and the Extended Day supervisor must have up-to-date instructions concerning where your child is to go in the event of an unscheduled early closing. Take special care when completing the instructions on the emergency cards at the beginning of each year.  Because of the large number of students enrolled at Key, it is not possible for the office staff to notify each family by telephone.