Parking at Key

During school hours, there is no parent parking permitted in the Key parking lot, even in the spots marked “Visitor”.

Parking at Key

The parking situation at Key is somewhat different than at most other schools in Arlington. The school lot is small relative to the size of the school population and street parking is scarce. The dearth of parking is an unavoidable challenge that accompanies the many benefits of our school being located in a truly urban area. (Try getting to McKinley via Metro! No Five Guys and a flick within walking distance of Nottingham!)

Every spot in the school’s lot is used by a teacher or staff member. As far as street parking, you are likeliest to find a spot along Veitch Street. Should you park along Veitch, do be sure to pay the appropriate fee using the kiosks in the middle of each block. Arlington police are known to ticket.

The Courthouse area also offers a number of other parking options within a short walk of Key. The map below highlights these. The map can also be viewed, printed, and downloaded at

parking at key