Online Books/Libros en Linea

Destiny Discover  Destiny Discover

Within Destiny is the option to explore eBooks using Destiny Discover. These books are primarily for elementary school students. Some books are shared countywide. As you might assist your child at the public library, please help your children when selecting books from eBooks options.

To log in:

  1. Student Login:
  • Student Username:  Student ID number (library number)
  • Student Password:  APS assigned password
  1. Staff Login
  • Staff Login:  MyAccess username and password


MackinVia provides a wide range of picture books, nonfiction and fiction eBooks for students and staff to read and enjoy!

To log in:

  1. Type in Key Elementary (make sure to choose Key Elementary, Arlington, VA)
  2. Student Login:
    • User ID: your APS student number (Library number)
    • Password:  APS assigned password
  3. Staff Login: MyAccess username and password

Listed below are more online books resources for students to explore and READ!

TumbleBooks pic

Tumble Books – we now have FREE access to their amazing online resources

  • Tumble Book Library – eBooks for students – Username: tumble735 Password: books- here
  • Tumble Math Books – math eBooks for students K to 5 – Username: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6 – here

Books and Resources

  • Storyline Online – free books read by famous actors and others here 
  • International Children’s Digital Library- books in a variety of languages- here
  • Toon Books a variety of beginning graphic novels  to read –here
  • Time for Kids – parents can sign up for FREE access – here
  • Unite for Literacy a beginning reader free online book resources –here
  • Arlington Public Library – find out how to access eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines – here

Subscription Book:

National Geographic for Kids you may use the link here or login through MackinVIA

Use the following to login:


  • Student Username:  Student ID number (library number)
  • Student Password:  APS assigned password


  • Staff Login: MyAccess username and password