ResponsibilityResponsibility means doing your best and being accountable for your words and actions. For tips and guidance on responsibility and chores, download the Key Responsibilty Flyer (in English and Spanish).

Related Words

  • Self-control/Self-restraint
  • Accountable
  • Dependable
  • Pursuit ofExcellence
  • Diligence
  • Perseverance

Responsible people:

  • Do what they aresupposed to
  • Keep on tryinguntil the job is done
  • Followestablished rules and encourage others to do so
  • Take care oftheir own and others’ belongings
  • Think before acting– consider the consequences
  • Are accountablefor their choices
  • Are willing toaccept the consequences when things go wrong
  • Enjoy the praisewhen things go right
  • Don’t blamemistakes on anyone else
  • Always do theirbest and set a good example
  • Complete thewhole task that they are asked to do
  • Come to school ontime and prepared
  • Return shared orborrowed materials on time
  • Do helpful thingswithout being asked
  • Use self control
  • Useproblem-solving and decision-making skills to resolve conflicts
  • Clean up ourenvironment
  • Maintain the condition of public property

Think before you act – consider theconsequences.  Be accountable foryour words and actions.  Take careof your belongings and respect those of others.