Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Arlington Public Schools (APS) Parent Academy

The APS Parent Academy offers parents and guardians of children attending public or private schools in Arlington opportunities to obtain information on a wide variety of subjects. The Parent Academy also serves as a clearinghouse of resources and support offered within Arlington Public Schools. Courses include topics related to:

  • Child development
  • Student achievement
  • Educational programs
  • Internet safety
  • Social issues of importance to parents and families
  • Personal or family growth
  •      Programs for second language speakers

The program also sponsors county-wide events including Kindergarten, Middle, and High School Information Nights, College Night, and the annual Summer Activities Fair.To learn more about APS Parent Academy programs, click here.

Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences – in English and Spanish

Key School holds two Parent Teacher Conferences during the year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The first conference, typically scheduled near the Columbus Day weekend, is designed to enable the teachers to get to know your child from your perspective. Since the conference time is short, download a checklist to help you get the most out of your time together.

Homework Help – in English and Spanish

Download tips for you and your child, to help your child complete homework in an effective way.

Ideas for Winter Break Activities – in English and Spanish

Download ideas for family activities to make the most of your child’s winter break.

Web-based Resources

Character Counts – Resources for parents, including tips on Parenting to Build Character. and books and reading resources for children aligned with each of the character pillars. Visit:

Character Education Partnership – Includes information about the history and rationale behind character education. See: